2 Pegboards Photo for 900 beads Photo Pearls or Nabbi, 15x15 cm

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Munkplast AB
6 Items

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Nabbi Ironing Paper 16 x 16 cm 8 pcs

Transparent paper for ironing, for example, Nabbi or Hama beads.

How to:

  1. Place beads on the plate.
  2. Put parchment paper on the beads and melt the beads with an iron.
  3. Remove the ironed beads from the reusable pegboard.

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Bag with 5000 pcs NABBI BioBeads, 10 colors mix (White, black, green, yellow, brown, red, pink, purple, orange, blue).

Size: Medium (5 mm Ø)

Material: The beads are made of the material Biodolomer, a biodegradable material that is produced in Sweden from rapeseed oil, among other things.


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