Glue cushion 3D, 5 x 5 x 2 mm, double-sided, white

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20 Items

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Aqueous white glue, solvent free, 500 ml bottle, for wood, felt, cardboard etc

Water-based, solvent-free. Suitable for cardboard, paper, wood, felt, materi-al, polystyrene etc. Milky when applied, transparent after drying.


Silicone Glue with applicator, 80 ml, for paintings, 3D images and polystyrene

Silicone Glue with applicator, 80 ml, for paintings, 3D images and polystyrene


Mod Podge, glue and finish for collage, Golden shimmer finish, 236 ml bottle

  • It’s a glue, a finish, and a sealer
  • It has a mild, distinctive odor.
  • Has a tendency to show brushmarks. (Use a sponge-type brush to help this.)
  • Has the viscosity of honey.
  • Can be tacky to the touch when it dries. (But a quick coat of clear acrylic spray remedies this.)
  • Non-toxic, safe for the kids.
  • Works on any porous surface- paper, wood, cardboard, chipboard, fabric, cork, and more!
  • Starts off opaque, but dries clear.

Mod Podge, Varnish Glue, Shimmer Finish, Silver shimmer, 236 ml bottle

Make your craft projects sparkle with Plaid Mod Podge Silver Metallic Shimmer. It adds a glossy sheen to wood and paper as well as fabric and other items. With this silver shimmer formula, you can glue, seal and finish your project in one easy step. It's ideal for breathing new life into picture frames, jewelry, and clothes. Shimmer Mod Podge is also a great way to make your gifts and decorations twinkle during the holidays.

  • Adds metallic sheen to collages and other craft projects
  • Use Shimmer Mod Podge on paper, wood, fabric and more