Hot glue gun, 20W, for Hot glue sticks diameter 7.4 mm

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Decoupage compact medium, 100ml, decoupage technique

Matt varnish for serviette technique, colourless, water-based.


Designfix glue, for transfer of metallic foil, 50 ml bottle

Glue for transfer of metal sheets on cardboard, polystyrene, wood, metal, glass, plastic, ceramics,
stone etc


Dekofix Transparent universal glue, 50 ml, for glitter, cardboard, metal, wood, glass

Deco glue for glitter, Deko-ice etc. Use on cardboard, styrofoam, wood, metal, glass, plastic, ceramic, stone etc. Water-based, weather-resistant once dry, dries transparent.


Dekofix Transparent universal glue, 100 ml, for glitter, cardboard, metal, wood, glass

Cut a small piece before using it for the first time tip, or pierce the tip and apply directly from the vial, or with a brush, you can use a metal tip for thin lines. When applied, the adhesive is lactic, after drying transparent.
Drying time according to layer thickness approx. 1 hour.

Wash the instruments with soapy water after use.


Glazing medium, 59ml, FolkArt Plaid

This glaze can be used three ways; add to acrylic paints, to create glossy acrylics you can add more or less paint to vary translucency. You can use as a stain and apply directly to wood. Or brush straight on to painted surfaces to create an antique finish.


Mod Podge, Varnish Glue, Shimmer Finish, Silver shimmer, 236 ml bottle

Make your craft projects sparkle with Plaid Mod Podge Silver Metallic Shimmer. It adds a glossy sheen to wood and paper as well as fabric and other items. With this silver shimmer formula, you can glue, seal and finish your project in one easy step. It's ideal for breathing new life into picture frames, jewelry, and clothes. Shimmer Mod Podge is also a great way to make your gifts and decorations twinkle during the holidays.

  • Adds metallic sheen to collages and other craft projects
  • Use Shimmer Mod Podge on paper, wood, fabric and more